Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cute Final Fantasy X Rikku Cosplay Costume

Comparing with the sexy ff x-2 Rikku outfit, composed of yellow bikini and an olive mini-skirt along with long yellow and red scarf, which is somewhat revealing, this final fantasy x cosplay costume is comparatively cute, which is on the form of sleeveless tank-top, shorts, gauntlet and arm guard, blue ribbons and pouch.
This outfit is not that popular and noticeable as the one in ff x-2, but there are also a lot of cosplay girls are fond of it. On my part, this style of clothing looks cute and simple. And it is an ideal choice for these girls don’t want to show much skin but also recognizable.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Final Fantasy XI Summoner Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy xi Summoner cosplay costume is composed of jacket, trousers, hat and belt, which is an interesting outfit and looks the same as the piece that Summoners wear in FF XI. And this is a great cosplay choice for both boys and girls.

As an advanced job in this series, Summoner is skillful and can fill a variety of roles. If you are interested in their job and abilities, put on this cosplay outfit and then you could feel the same as them :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Noctis Lucis Caelum Cosplay Wig

Apart from the dark gray one that I mentioned in the former post, this is the cheap cosplay wig in gray color for final fantasy versus Noctis Lucis Caelum cosplay. As the main character of FF Versus XIII, Noctis is always a popular and characteristic cosplay choice for impersonators. And we know that he has special hair and eyes because they can change color along with his emotion in fighting. Hence, there are different wigs for this final fantasy cosplay. And this gray wig is an ideal choice for the great price and quality.

Noctis is somewhat a silent, farouche and gloomy boy. But just because of his personality, he looks cool and handsome to us. He is really a charming individual in the eyes of his aficionados, and a good many of the cosplay boys show their interest in cosplaying Noctis.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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