Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sexy Final Fantasy XIV Miqote Girls’ Cosplay Costume

The same as other characteristic clothes, this final fantasy xiiv Miqo’te girls’ cosplay costume is a sexy and cool piece for female cosplayers to present alluring and imposing looks, which in the form of top bra set, pleather shoulder armors with bra and belts, white sleeves, wine pleated skirt, white fur ears and tail.

This tyle of armor cosplay outfit is really a good idea for girl to be charming and eye-catching. What is more, if you are into animal cosplay, this ff xiv cat-formed costume is a must-try for you, because the Miquo’te are cat-like race. Obviously, this final fantasy cosplay is a great choice for Halloween.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cute Touhou Flandre Scarlet Cosplay

Touhou Flandre Scarlet cosplay is always a popular and ideal choice for all kinds of cosplayers, especially for cute girls. As the younger sister of Remilia, Flandre is a beautiful and adorable character of Touhou. The blonde hair, red eyes and the pink and red dress, along with beautiful light form wings.
picture credit

This touhou Flandre Scarlet cosplay girl looks so cute and beautiful, the dress and the wings are the highlights of her job. If you are a fan of Touhou Project and looking for a special Halloween costume, give this cute girl a try.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Easy and Cute Touhou Reisen Udongein Inaba Rabbit Cosplay

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      Touhou Reisen Udongein Inaba cosplay is one of the easy but cute ideas for girls to be a recognizable and popular member among a sea of boys and girls at party or conventions. And this cosplay girl looks very adorable, right? Although all could see are the black and white costume, there isn’t gorgeous or exaggerative design of the jacket and skirt, but only the long light purple hair and rabbit ears are attractive enough.

We know that Touhou Reisen is one of the legendary lunar rabbits, so it is also a great Halloween idea for cosplay girls to dress up as this special rabbit. Probably, some of us could just do this touhou cosplay as closet style because of the simple outfit of this touhou girl.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Best Harry Potter Costumes for Halloween Carnival

What is your idea about Halloween 2013? It can be said that harry potter costumes are always one the best choices and the most intriguing ideas for man and woman, young and old, and kids, Harry Potter is special to any of us.

As a world-wide popular series, HP originally is a fantasy novel series created by British writer J. K. Rowling who is a British author and she becomes well-known because of this one. At the same time, due to increasing popularity of cosplay, there are always tons of people including kids and the old dressing the harry potter costumes for all kinds of party, holiday and other occasions.

These well-known and classic harry potter outfits would bring us to world of wonderland, like the cloak, shirt, vest and v-neck knitwear with necktie and badge and the like. All of them are always the best choice for us to enjoy fantastic Halloween Carnival!
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