Monday, November 28, 2011

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy vii crisis core Cloud cosplay costume is one of the cool uniforms for Cloud cosplay. As for final fantasy cosplay, there is no denying that both boys and girls would take Cloud into consideration at first. Cloud now is not only a mane, but also a popular idol, full of appeal and attraction.
This Cloud cosplay suit is made up with shirt with shoulder guard, leather waistband with shoulder straps, trousers with leather kneepads along with leather belts tie up in left leg and closure in pant cuff, scarf and gloves. What impress me most are the style and the fabric of this apparel. As the picture shows, as if there is something magic I could feel from it. What comes to mind is that Cloud dresses this attire and comes to me, he looks so cool and smart, and he is manful and strong.
     As far as I am concerned, the piece would be one of the best cosplay choices for boys if you are looking forward to display a manly and powerful appearance in the show.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Brown Final Fantasy VIII Quistis Trepe Cosplay Costume

There is more than one dress that Quistis wears in ff viii, and this brown final fantasy Quistis Trepe cosplay costume  she wears in the picture is one of the typical suit she has, which is in the form of brown sleeveless jacket and outer top skirt over black pants along with the black separate sleeves. This style could flatter the body shape fully. And of course it is also the classic suit of Quistis in this game that when referring to her appearance, this one must comes to our mind firstly. 

     As the instructor at Balamb Garden, Quistis has high ability and is the youngest member of SeeD at the age of 18; as a result she attracts many of her zealots who set up the Trepe Club. Actually, she possesses both good personality and professional competence; meanwhile, she is quite self-possessed and perfect. On my part, she is really an outstanding lady as well as a great cosplay choice.

   Aside from the cosplay outfit, the wig and the glasses are also the important element of the cosplay show. The show will be a failed and bad one without them. And here I want to highlight that she is the suitable and ideal cosplay choice for the imitators who wear glasses and long brown hair. And this time the glasses won’t be something unpleasant or the burden for you anymore; instead, it will enhance your cosplay charm, so glasses girls, this final fantasy viii Quistis cosplay would be a good choice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Final Fantasy Yuna Cosplay Wig

This is final fantasy Yuna cosplay wig in the picture. It seems that Yuna is quite hot recently that most of the cosplayers are going to portray Yuna and so they are looking for the stuffs about Yuna cosplay including the cosplay costumes and the wig and other accessories as well all the way. Or we could find that a bunch of cosplay girls who is dressing different Yuna clothes in all kind of occasions. It is because that she is a great girl indeed; of course these fantastic accoutrements contribute a lot.
And as for this final fantasy cosplay, it is necessary for to find a wig for the show if you haven’t the same hairdo as Yuna. Hence, this kind of Yuna hair in the pic would be your perfect choice.
I love this wig, it looks amazing. Because my real hair is black and long, so I would like to choose this wig for my cosplay. That would be great.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Final Fantasy White Mage Cosplay Costume

What a special final fantasy cosplay costume! This is the suit for ff White Mage cosplay. I have talked the Black Mage attire in the former post, and this is totally different form that style. It seems that there isn’t anything related between them excep that they ar from Final Fantasy series.

 As the special job class in FF series, they are capable of casting White magic, so they are able to heal, protect, and resurrect fallen members of the party. This cosplay outfit is one of their accoutrements and is made up of exquisite design jacket attached with cap matches with black trousers. And a pair of corresponding leg cap and belt gives fishing touches to it.
Cosplay final fantasy white mage would make you become someone magic and special. It is also a good dress up idea for your Christmas party. What do you think about it? If you want to experience something like that, just get started.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final Fantay XIII Agito Girl Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy xiii Agito girl cosplay costume looks so different from the other characters’ and turns on a cute appearance. It is prima facie the same as the Japanese school uniform, especial for the red knife pleated skirt, but we willfind that it is more characteristic than that after we take a closer look.
As for this final fantasy cosplay outfit which is composed of the dark long-sleeve jacket, red mini knife pleated skirt along with the red shawl. This type of final fantasy cosplay is of course one of the best choices for the cosplay girls. It is just because that this is the clothes that the ff characters wear in the game and the design of the dress is something attractive in the eyes of the impersonators who are into this style.
This ff xiii Agito girl suit is cute and kind of sexy. The jacket design embodys the present fanshion element of the clothing, namely, the golden shoulders and the large buttons are quite cool. If you are looking for such kind of dress, donlt miss this chance to have a try.
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