Friday, August 31, 2012

Touhou Project Cirno Blue Cosplay Costume

If you are into the kawaii style of clothing, this Touhou Cirno blue cosplay costume is capturing your heart now. Yes or no? As for me, I am attractive by it deeply, yeah, it is really cute. The blue dress with short puffy sleeves, red bow and the bow headdress, all of them are charming. I can imagine that any of would be adorable when we put it on.
At the same time, Touhou Cirno is an attractive girl. She is an ice fairy with cute face and is a childish girl with aqua hair and eyes. And it is a good choice for the small cosplay girls who also want to do the cute style of cosplay in the conventions or in the Halloween.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Touhou Project Keine Kamishirasawa Human Form Cosplay Costume

Keine Kamishirasawa is one of the adorable and well-liked characters of Touhou series. Generally, the most popular appearances of her are the human form and Youakai form. And this blue cosplay costume is of course for the use of Keine human form cosplay, which is made up of one-piece blue dress with short white sleeves, and red ribbon around the collar as the tie, along with a blue hat with red ribbon. In addition, Keine has long silver hair and brown eyes in her human form.
This blue dress, plus the cute hat look quite noticeable and beautiful. It looks the same as the piece Keine wears in this series. Of course, it is a great choice for cosplay girls to display an eye-catching cosplay in the activity or the coming Halloween.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Touhou Project Remilia Scarlet Pink Cosplay Costume

As one of the popular characters to the cosplay girls, Remilia Scarlet is has cute face and beautiful cosplay costumes for our show. This pink outfit is one of the typical clothes for Remilia cosplay, which is in the form of pink short sleeves ruffle shirt with white ruffle collar and two red bowknot on each sleeve and four buttons at the front, pink dress with ruffle lace and bandage tie at waist, bold big bowknot at the back, pink ruffle hat with scarf on it.

Plus the short, light blue hair and re eyes, this Touhou cosplay would make us stand out in the activity among the other participants. In addition, it is a good Halloween costume.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blue Touhou Project Eirin Yagokoro Cosplay Costume

This is the most well-liked cosplay costume for Touhou Eirin cosplay, which looks the same as the piece that she wears in the Touhou series, including the pattern and the color, all of them would make any of the same as Eirin as long as we put it on in the activity.
In terms of Eirin Yagokoro, she is a talented Pharmacist in Touhou Project series with high intelligence. The classical appearance of her is that Eirin has long white hair and wears it in a large braid on back, grey eyes, carries a pair of bow and arrow. She dresses red and blue clothes with patterns, along with a cap that looks like the nurse wears. Without doubt, Eirin cosplay is quite popular to the cosplayers.
What is more, it is a special and cool Halloween cosplay ideas. We could feel the same as Eirin Yagokoro as long as we put on this outfit and to be a popular member in the whole activity.

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