Friday, August 24, 2012

Touhou Project Keine Kamishirasawa Human Form Cosplay Costume

Keine Kamishirasawa is one of the adorable and well-liked characters of Touhou series. Generally, the most popular appearances of her are the human form and Youakai form. And this blue cosplay costume is of course for the use of Keine human form cosplay, which is made up of one-piece blue dress with short white sleeves, and red ribbon around the collar as the tie, along with a blue hat with red ribbon. In addition, Keine has long silver hair and brown eyes in her human form.
This blue dress, plus the cute hat look quite noticeable and beautiful. It looks the same as the piece Keine wears in this series. Of course, it is a great choice for cosplay girls to display an eye-catching cosplay in the activity or the coming Halloween.

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