Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blue Touhou Project Eirin Yagokoro Cosplay Costume

This is the most well-liked cosplay costume for Touhou Eirin cosplay, which looks the same as the piece that she wears in the Touhou series, including the pattern and the color, all of them would make any of the same as Eirin as long as we put it on in the activity.
In terms of Eirin Yagokoro, she is a talented Pharmacist in Touhou Project series with high intelligence. The classical appearance of her is that Eirin has long white hair and wears it in a large braid on back, grey eyes, carries a pair of bow and arrow. She dresses red and blue clothes with patterns, along with a cap that looks like the nurse wears. Without doubt, Eirin cosplay is quite popular to the cosplayers.
What is more, it is a special and cool Halloween cosplay ideas. We could feel the same as Eirin Yagokoro as long as we put on this outfit and to be a popular member in the whole activity.

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