Thursday, February 28, 2013

Touhou Reiuji Utsuho White and Green Cosplay Costume

Do you have or love long dark brown (black) hair cosplay? Touhou Reiuji Utsuho is such kind of girl. Do you want to do beautiful and impressive cosplay? Touhou Project Okuu has this pretty white and green costume and cool black wings. Yeah, this is a great choice for girls who are looking for imitating some interesting but not that compicated cosplay.

Touhou Utsuho Reiuji, her nikname is Okuu, is a pet of Satori, namely a Hell Raven, hence, she has large balck wings. In addition, she has quite long dark brown hair and red eyes. This beautiful cosplay costume is exactly what Okuu wears in this series, inclufding cute white shirt with a red "eye" in the center and short sleeves, short green skirt with white and black ruffle edge and two lines of white lace around the skirt, and a green hair-ribbon.
Touhou Utsuho Reiuji cosplay is suitable for cute and sexy girls, the long hair and the classical costume would make us the same as her and stand out.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beautiful Touhou Curiosities of Lotus Asia Hieda no Akyuu Cosplay Costume

It is quite a beautiful Touhou Curiosities of Lotus Asia Hieda no Akyuu cosplay costume, which is in the form of pretty light green kimono with large yellow flower-patterned sleeves, red and white obi, red skirt (hakama) with white flouncing, a long with a long thin belt. This cosplay outfit is an ideal choice for girl to present girly and flowery appearance.

Touhou Project Akyuu Hieda is a young and cute human in this series, she has short purple/black hair and eyes, and there is a beautiful flower-shaped ornament on the left side of her head with the ability to "not forget anything she sees", yeah, that is really cool, I am eager to have such kind of ability all the time and then I could do anything excellent, especially in the aspect of study ^_-

As for this Touhou Hieda no Akyuu cosplay, cute and small cosplayers should give it a try, because it would help us to show noticeable and vivid cosplay at cons.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Touhou Yumemi Okazaki Red Cosplay Costume

The red-haired girl, actually is the professor and scientist at the age of 18, touhou project Yumemi Okazaki is a great cosplay choice for cute and small cosplayers. And we could find that this touhou cosplay is also an easy type from this red and white Yumemi Okazaki costume, contains the red cap, vest, cloth shoulders, skirt and the white shirt inside.

And if you are into the color of red, yeah, red means enthusiasm and passion, and of course it would make any of us outstanding, you should give this touhou cosplay outfit a try. The deep red cap and the skirt, plus the deep red hair, wow, that is really cool.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Touhou Project Youmu Konpaku Green Cosplay Costume

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This is the beautiful green cosplay costume for Touhou Youmu Konpaku, the part-human and part-phantom girl, which is in the form of dark green top shirt without sleeves, skirt and white shirt, along with the balck headwear and necktie. It is a cute and beautiful dress for cosplay girls to represent eye-catching appearance, plus the short silver hair and the cool sword katana.

Touhou Project Youmu Konpaku is a pretty girl (all the touhou girls are quite lovely and beautiful) and large blue eyes, and the same as other female characters, she has different clothes and hair color in different series. This Youmu is one of the most popular forms.

Obviously, this touhou Youmu Konpaku is an ideal choice for small cosplayers who want to try the cute but not sexy style, plus the cool weaponed-characters. And this is relatively an easy cosplay.

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