Monday, February 4, 2013

Touhou Project Youmu Konpaku Green Cosplay Costume

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This is the beautiful green cosplay costume for Touhou Youmu Konpaku, the part-human and part-phantom girl, which is in the form of dark green top shirt without sleeves, skirt and white shirt, along with the balck headwear and necktie. It is a cute and beautiful dress for cosplay girls to represent eye-catching appearance, plus the short silver hair and the cool sword katana.

Touhou Project Youmu Konpaku is a pretty girl (all the touhou girls are quite lovely and beautiful) and large blue eyes, and the same as other female characters, she has different clothes and hair color in different series. This Youmu is one of the most popular forms.

Obviously, this touhou Youmu Konpaku is an ideal choice for small cosplayers who want to try the cute but not sexy style, plus the cool weaponed-characters. And this is relatively an easy cosplay.

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