Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beautiful Touhou Curiosities of Lotus Asia Hieda no Akyuu Cosplay Costume

It is quite a beautiful Touhou Curiosities of Lotus Asia Hieda no Akyuu cosplay costume, which is in the form of pretty light green kimono with large yellow flower-patterned sleeves, red and white obi, red skirt (hakama) with white flouncing, a long with a long thin belt. This cosplay outfit is an ideal choice for girl to present girly and flowery appearance.

Touhou Project Akyuu Hieda is a young and cute human in this series, she has short purple/black hair and eyes, and there is a beautiful flower-shaped ornament on the left side of her head with the ability to "not forget anything she sees", yeah, that is really cool, I am eager to have such kind of ability all the time and then I could do anything excellent, especially in the aspect of study ^_-

As for this Touhou Hieda no Akyuu cosplay, cute and small cosplayers should give it a try, because it would help us to show noticeable and vivid cosplay at cons.

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