Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cute Love Live Kotori Minami’s Fairy Tale Little Thumb Dress Cosplay Costume

It can be said that any girls would be attracted by this cute girly Lolita dress that belongs to the lovely girl Kotori Minami from Love Live School Idol Project, it has so pretty colors and style, the top, the skirt and the other items of the whole dress are so beautiful. “Yes, I want one!” 
Love Live Kotori Minami has so many stylish anime costumes in the whole series, and this one is the corresponding one she wears as the Fairy Tal Little Thumb in the card. Any cosplayers would be easily noticeable and be a stunning fairy as long as they put on this cute anime dress. Additionally, this outfit is also a good idea for our daily wear when we want to take pictures in the open air, I mean in the forest or in the wild, this love live Kotori Minami’s costume would make us a wonderful fairy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pretty Love Live School Idol Project “Love Live” Cosplay Costumes

It can be said that we would have a hard time to choose which anime costume to wear for the Cosplay convention as long as we are fan of Love Live School Idol Project because there are so many beautiful and stylish dresses of each anime girl of this series, and there are 9 nine members in total.

And this pretty “Love Live” Cosplay costume is one of the most typical and pop choices for cosplayers to be outstanding and recognizable, the white top, the black and red skirt, along with different colors of neckties and hairstyles, which could make any cosplay groups striking. Also, if you are just dress up as your favorite character individually, it also would make you a popular and special girl among tons of other people.
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pretty Love Live School Idol Project Wonderful Rush Cosplay Costumes

The eye-catching uniform that is composed of white and blue costume with blue necktie, white lace up boots and blue socks, together with colorful hair styles and beautiful anime girls, this Wonderful Rush form of these adrable anime girls from Love Live School Idol Project looks so noticable and impressive.

There is no denying that it is really an ideal group cosplay idea for cosplayers who are going to cosplay with friends together. It can be said that this Wonderful Rush team show could attract people’s attention anywhere and anytime.
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