Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kingdom Hearts II Sora Anti Form Cosplay Costume

On my part, this kingdom hearts ii Sora Anti form is more interesting and attractive for cosplay choice. It is easy for us to imagine that any of us would be recognized and outstanding as long as we appear at the cons or the other parties. The dark black face and skin, the ink black cosplay costume, the gloves and the cute shoes, along with the glow eyes, all of them are impressive and intriguing.

This KH Sora cosplay outfit is quite different from the other clothes, especially the color and is a suitable choice for the cosplayers who want to try the dark style of imitation. However, this kingdom hearts Sora cosplay is somewhat of difficult and more difficult than many of the other forms. Make up plays an important part in this one.
And the same as other Sora forms, this one is a good choice for both boys and girls to present characteristic cosplay. If you are the big fan of kingsom hearts Sora, this form would be a must try for you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kingdom Hearts Sora Orange Cosplay Costume

There are so many different outfits for Kingdom Hearts Sora cosplay, such as the brave form piece, the Wisdom Form, Master Form, Final Form, Anti Form and this original form and so on. Which one is your favorite or which form of Sora do you want to show at cons? 

 And this KH Sora costume is somewaht similar with the Brave Form piece but different in the color of the jumpsuit and the accessories of the attire. This orange dress is the original outfit that Sora wears in Kingdom Hearts and is composed of hooded white and black coat with short sleeves, orange jumpsuit with zipper through front, plus blue belt. It is really a cute costume.

    Obviously, this KH Sora outfit is an easy cosplay for us to display memorable and meaningful cosplay at parties or any other activities. The original outfit is classic and unique.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kingdom Hearts II Sora Brave Form Cosplay Costume

Which form of kingdom hearts Sora do you like or do you want to cosplay? Maybe some of us would say, “I love Sora, so I love all the forms of Sora!” Hence, we could imagine that some us has done each form of Sora cosplay, or are going to cosplay them one by one. This red Sora cosplay costume is for Kingdom Hearts II Sora’s brave form, which is connecting with red and black overjacket with hoode, jumpsuit extents to knees, plus belts and necklace; it is one of the typical and popular choices for this kingdom hearts cosplay.

There are different reasons why that we are attractied by Sora, one of the main reasons is that as the protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora is an upbeat, simple-minded, brave, heroic and strong-willed boy with spiky brown hair and blue eyes while the color of his hair changes a little in different series, yeah, his personal charm is the most attractive thing that could hold our interest. 

   This Sora Brave Form cosplay outfit is an ideal choice for both male and female cosplayers to show cool and eye-catching figure at cons.

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