Friday, September 18, 2015

Stunning Love Live Kotori Minami Valentine’s Day Angel Cosplay

      Personally, I love this love live Valentine’s Day Angel card is one of my favorites. Because these angel costumes are really beautiful and wonderful, it feels like falling in love with someone. Generally speaking, the image of angel stands for love, sweetness, beauty, kindness and other beautiful things in our life. 

      Each girl of the Nine in this Valentine’s Day Angel form has stunning costume. Here is the love live Kotori Minami cosplay in angel dress, the cosplayer looks really extraordinary, the outfit makes her quite impressive.
credit to cosplayer 秋月月

Monday, September 7, 2015

Beautiful Love Live Umi Blue Kimono Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Halloween 2015 is coming! Yay! How time flies! It looks like that we talked about Halloween 2014 yesterday, and now it is really the good time for us to make a preparation for the one of 2015. Have you found your costume or ideas? If you are still looking for special costume, I would recommend this Love Live School Idol Festival Umi blue kimono dress. I bet any girls would become quite beautiful and enjoy interesting Halloween in this clothing.
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