Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dangan Ronpa Celestia Ludenberg Gothic Lolita Cosplay Costume

If you are a big fan of Gothic Lolita style of clothes, this beautiful Dangan Ronpa Celestia Ludenberg cosplay costume would be an impressive and attractive anime dress to you, right? This outfit is in the form of white blouse, black jacket with long sleeves, layered black skirt with white lace edges, plus a red tie.

As for Dangan Ronpa Celestia (her real name is Taeko Yasuhiro), she has the title of Super High-School Level Gambler and manages to rob everyone of all their money whenever she plays a game with them. The most unique feature of her is her two black quite large twin-drill pigtails. Moreover, Celestia has slim figure, red eyes and fair skin tone.

 This Dangan Ronpa Taeko Yasuhiro gothic Lolita cosplay dress is always a good idea for girls who are looking for eye-catching and complicated style of outfit. The exaggerated hair style and this notciable dress would make cosplayers shining all the time.

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