Thursday, March 28, 2013

Undefined Fantastic Object Sanae Kochiya Cosplay Costume

Apart from the blue and white dress, this blue, white and red Undefined Fantastic Object Kochiya Sanae cosplay costume is another beautiful piece for girls to present charming appearance, which has similar colors with the former one, but it looks quite different from it, the style is more gorgeous and girly, the white top with red tie, the long blue dress and separated sleeves are quite eye-catching, and could flatter girl’s body shape.

Touhou Undefined Fantastic Object Kochiya Sanae is a beautiful girl with long green hair with a hair clip shaped like a frog's head, and a snake-shaped hair accessory wrapped around her hair on one side. She is a cute and pretty girl.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautiful and Cute Touhou Cosplay Girls

When it comes to Touhou Project, what would be the most impressive feature of this series? As for me, those beautiful and cute girls would be come to my mind at first. Yeah, there are really so many female characters, which are just right giving cosplay girls a good chance to dress up as the various distinctive girls. Who is your favorite? More often than not, there would be more than one, right?

It is true to me:D It looks like that each of them is so adorable and eye-catching, and one of the mains is that they have intriguing clothes and hairstyles. Okay, take a look at these beautiful and lovely cosplay girls, they are Keine Kamishirasawa, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Reisen Udongein Inaba and Akyuu Hieda.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom Letty Whiterock Cosplay Costume

As the seasonal Yokai who only appears in winter, touhou perfect cherry blossom Letty is a beautiful and cute girl, with shouder-length lavender hair and the same color eyes. She is liked by many people including cosplayers, but is not that overly popular as some of the Touhou characters, such as Reimu Hakurei and Cirno.

But, I have seen a guy cosplayed touhou Letty Whiterock once, he looks cute and the special cosplay costume makes him noticeable but not weird (I thought I would be not suitable for crossplay:D, I know I am wrong).

Hence, this touhou Letty Whiterock cosplay outfit is a good choice for both male and female, the white shirt with long sleeves, sleeveless jacket and skirt with white ruffle at its bottom, plus a cute white hat, which would make girls and boys a charming youkai.

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