Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beuatiful Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Aqua Cosplay

As one of the most famous characters of Kingdom Hearts series, Aqua has gained countless cosplayers’ heart that there are so many girls cosplaying kingdom hearts birth by sleep Aqua all the time. The cool and stylish costume and the short blue hair would make any of us recognizable and beautiful easily.
picture source
This KH Aqua cosplay girl displays really pretty looks by wearing decent outfit and beautiful blue wig, along with other accessories. What is more, she has looks-alike face as Aqua that she indeed makes a great kingdom hearts cosplay.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Badass Kingdom Hearts Axel Cosplay

As the Rank VIII in Organization XIII of Kingdom Hearts, he is quite impressive and outstanding among other members. Yes, he is the badass Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames and the Nobody of Lea. In addition, KH Axel has some similarity with another famous game guy, Reno from Final Fantasy VII, especially the bright red hair. Hence, cosplay Axel is one of the most popular ideas for people to be imposing and eye-catching.
picture source
In terms of this Kingdom Hearts character, he wears the Organization XIII black cloak, black gloves and boots, the bright red spiky hair extends to shoulders makes him quite noticeable and distinctive. KH Axel is a tall and slim guy with fair skin tone.

In one word, this badass Axel cosplay would make girls and boys a recognizable and popular cosplayer all the time.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cool Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Cosplay Boys and Girls

Do you also think that black costume always makes us quite cool and mysterious? As for me, I am really addicted to this type of clothing, and it becomes more attractive when a guy wears it. Yeah, to tell the truth, I would be easily attacted be a male if he is dressing in black suit or black related outfit. So, I am fond of kingdom Hearts Organization XIII cosplay very much, especially all the members attire their black cloak together.

picture source
And each girl and boy in KH Organization13 is distinctive (except the black costume) and charming. Hence, we could be cool when we dress up as one member of this team, but it would be quite impressive and noticeable when we do a group cosplay together with our friends or classmates.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Popular Final Fantasy Type-0 Class Zero Cosplay Girls and Boys

Final Fantasy cosplay is one of the most popular and worthwhile ideas for boys and girls to be identifiable and impressive. Each series has charming characters and costumes as well, which is one of the main reasons why there are so many cosplayers obsessed with ff all the time, and final fantasy type-0 is one of the well-known series.

picture source
Undoubtedly, the 14 members of Class Zero would be the most impressive features of Final Fantasy Type-0. Meanwhile, the notciable uniform of each boy and girl is quite popular and cool. Whether we want to individual cosplay or group cosplay, Class Zero will be a great idea.
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