Monday, May 27, 2013

Who are the Popular Girls in Final Fantasy VII Cosplay?

Who are the most popur Girls when it comes to final fantasy vii cosplay in your heart? Different people have different ideas. But, most people would agree that Tifa Lockhart would be the first one spring to our mind, as the heroine of the Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is kindhearted, optimistic and strong, showing a sexy and tempting appearance in the form of long black dolphin's tail hair style, and a white tank top and black mini-skirt, which has been dressed up by numerous girls all over the world.

 And then would be Aerith Gainsborough, one of the heroines and a flower seller in pink body dress, red short-shirt (shawl) and wristbands. Comparing with Tifa, Aerith is more elegant but not sexy. And there are also a good many of cosplay girls are into to ffvii girl. We could never ignore the charm of Yuffie Kisaragi, a Ninja and Thief with short black hair, who is a happy and cunning small girl. Lots of cute and small girls are always cosplaying Yuffie at different parties and gatherings.

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