Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Outstanding Tifa Cosplay Costumes

When speaking of Tifa cosplay costumes, generally speaking, there are two outstanding appearances in the final fantasy games. One is in the form of long, black dolphin's tail hair style, and the attire displays a simple and monotone one consisting of a white tank top and black mini-skirt. Furthermore, sleeves extend to her arms from her wrists to her elbows, suspenders connect her skirt to her shoulders, gloves cover her hands, and a metal guard on her left elbow. This semblance displays kind of sexy appeal which is the ideal cosplay costumes for the cosplayers who are pursuing showing their good body shape.
As for another totally different look, which is connecting with a black buttoned-up skirt with shorts beneath, with a piece of cloth as a coat tail ending at her ankles extending from the back of the skirt's waistband while her hands with black gloves a long with a end at the middle of her back, and a red ribbon wraps around her left biceps, and boots cover her feet along with the straight black hairdo with middle length, which is terribly cool and stylish.
Anyhow, each of her cosplay uniform shines with its own highlights and allures tons of followers to do the activity of cosplay, at the same time; it will bring the players the respective feel once they have the outfit on in the show.

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