Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tifa from Final Fantasy 7

As one of the objectives of cosplay activity, Tifa turns on a distinctive charm in the eyes of these imitators and shines with its own traits among the mountains of such categories. Tifa is the heroine, a fictional individual in the Final Fantasy VII, who is kindhearted, optimistic and strong, showing a sexy and tempting appearance in the video games. As a result, Tifa cosplay costumes certainly will bring the impersonators fantastic experiment when they portray her during the activity. 
In the Final Fantasy VII, she is the intimate childhood friend of Cloud Strife who is the male leading actor in this game and is the only one who knows his real past. Tifa was the most attractive girls in the village to those little boys, yet, she is a girl of constraint and is shy to express her own affection to others, especially to Cloud, therefore, she never straightly expresses her feelings to him but in other ways, and like that she accompanies Cloud all the way when he is in trouble, or she is always the first one who could get Cloud’s heart and thoughts.
As a whole, Tifa is an idea character for both of the purposes of cosplaying and setting an example for our daily life and she is really a miracle.

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