Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final Fantasy IX: Kuja Cosplay Costume

When speaking of Kuja, his unique characteristic, his special style of life and outlandish semblance will first come to our mind. In spite of his bad role in Final Fantasy IX, he still charms tons of followers to do the activity of cosplay and players show strong favor in him because of his personal charisma.
And in the aspect of the cosplay costume, more often than not, the typical one is made up of stand collar coat and a similar skirt, and the matching underwear has two layers with saw tooth, and the sleeves of overcoat have two parts, namely the grape color in top mixes with white in end, besides, distinctive straps connect with skirt with leg covers, which is absolutely a fantastic cosplay outfit for imitating. Because of the nature of Kuja, his attire displays a neuter glamour and it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or girl, it is ok to do such cosplay. Each of you could show a different appeal in front of the other cosplayers in the party.
Donning the Kuja cosplay costume together with the wig will bring any of you a fantastic experience in the show. Once you have this suit on, you will feel that you are so close to Kuja and all his details come to you at once. And you are Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.

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