Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cute Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay

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There are so many different outstanding and common Kingdom Hearts Sora cosplays, this one would be one of the most vivid Sora, do you agree? The brown spiky wig, the red jumpsuit, the mini jacket and the yellow shoes, all of them are so close to the character.

And some of us would misunderstand it and sense it is the figure of Kingdom Hearts Sora. This cosplayer is a cute girl, yeah, she makes a successful crossplay. Hence, if you are a fan of crossplay, KH Sora is an interesting choice.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cute Touhou Alice Margatroid Cosplay Girl

As the seven-colored puppeteer in Touhou Project, Alice Margatroid is a beautiful and special, and one of the most appearances is in the form short blonde hair and beautiful blue dress with pink ribbons which makes her quite impressive. The same as this Touhou Alice cosplay showing in the picture, which is really kawaii and eye-catching.
Touhou Alice Margatroid is a magician who is skillful in using dolls. This Touhou cosplay is a good choice for cute and small girls, but if you are a huge fan of this girl, just dress up as her no matter who you are.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cute Touhou Remilia Scarlet Cosplay Girl

It looks like that Touhou Remilia Scarlet cosplay could make girls very cute and beautiful all the time as long as they put on the corresponding dress, wig and other things of Remilia.This cosplay girl in the pink costume, blue curly wig and red contacts, looks quite adorable, right?
As the older sister of Flandre Scarlet, Touhou Remilia is a beautiful and charming girl as Flandre; two of them are quite popular for cosplay girls to be attractive. This touhou girl is an ideal idea for small and cute cosplayers who are into pink and Lolita style.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Which Form of Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Do You Like?

Halloween Town KH Sora Cosplay

      Since there are so many cool and characteristic Forms of Sora in Kingdom Hearts series, a lot of cosplay girls and boys are obsessed with Sora cosplay that we woluld never be tired of it. And each form could help cosplayers stand out and recognizable because of grand reputation of Sora.
And here are the Kingdom Hearts II Sora cosplay and the Holloween Town form cosplay, two of them are amazing and eye-catching, which one do you prefer? Or which form have you cosplayed?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cute Kingdom Hearts Sora and Roxas Cosplay

As the protagonist character of Kingdom Hearts, Sora is quite a cute, brave, upbeat, heroic and strong-willed boy, and the spiky brown hair is his typical feature. He has different colors of eyes in different series. Meanwhile, Roxas is Sora’s Nobody, hence, we could find something common between two of them, but we could tell them apart as long as we see them, Roxas is confident, somewhat of aggressive and irascible and has spiky blonde hair.
        Two of cosplayers in this shot display really cute kingdom hearts Roxas and Sora cosplay, do you agree? Their spiky wigs, cool costumes and body shapes are so close to the imitated character Sora and Roxas.
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