Sunday, January 20, 2013

Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom Chen Cosplay Costume

If you are interested in the kawaii and adorable type of cosplay, this Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom Chen cosplay costume would be an ideal choice, the white long sleeves lace petticoat, red sleeveless skirt with white bowknot at its chest, blue mop hat, all of these are sams as the outfit that Chen wears in the series. It looks quite cute and beautiful for a girl to present eye-catching and lively appearance, but no the hot or sexy style.

Touhou Project Chen is Ran’s Shikigami and has dark orange eyes, short brown hair and cat ears wwith a gold earring in the left one. Cat is a popular and adorable pet to most of us, what if it transfers into the kawaii girl? Yeah, that would be really wonderful and Perfect Cherry Blossom Chen is one of the forms that neko transfers.

The cute cat ears, big eyes and small body, along with pretty costume, each of them is so attractive, not to mention all of them appear in Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom Chen. Cute and small cosplay girls should not miss this good chance to be the focus of the show.

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