Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brown-haired Girls in Final Fantasy Cosplay

     Today’s topic is on the brown-haired cosplay girls in final fantasy series. And who are they come across your mind when speaking of this topic?

As for me, this first one is Yuna, the extremely naive and kind-hearted girl, she has neck-length brown hair with blue (left) and green (right) eyes. Yuna cosplay is incredibly popular to the cosplay girls from all walks of life.
And then is Aerith Gainsborough, the independent, kind and outgoing girl. Aerith's long brown hair is drawn back in a thick plait with a large pink ribbon tied around it with the bangs framing her face on the sides, and she has emerald green eyes. In addition, Marlene Wallace has the same hairstyle as her.

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The third one is Selphie Tilmitt who is an active, outspoken and energetic young girl. Selphie has short brown hair and green eyes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blue Final Fantasy VII Reeve Tuesti Cosplay Costume

As one of the impressive series, final fantasy vii has marked deeply in the heart of the gamers and cosplayers. It is because of the fact that there are really amazing characters and marvelous game systems. Hence, we could find that a lot of impersonators are addict to this final fantasy cosplay.
On my part, Reeve Tuesti is also a cool and interesting cosplay choice for us. His black hair, mustache and the beard make him a mature and appealing man. Reeve is a strong, kind and sympathetic individual and is tall in stature.
    This is the blue cosplay costume for Reeve cosplay in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII, which is composed of cloak and trousers, along with belt. He wears this blue trench coat in this series. It is really a cool outfit for portraying Reeve. What is more, it is an easy cosplay but distinctive one among the other cosplays.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Fantasy IV Edward "Edge" Geraldine Cosplay Costume

      As the prince of Eblan and a skilled Ninja, final fantasy iv Edward Geraldine is cool man in my heart. He acts brashly, arrogantly and flirtatiously, as a matter of fact, Edge is quite kind-hearted and straight.
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This charming Ninjia, Edge has a really cool accoutrement, gray hair, long cloak, boots and gloves, along with faces covering by scarf, plus the cool weapon. And he has steel gray eyes. Probably, most of would think of Naruto Kakashi when looking at him, right? And as for Edge cosplay, it is relatively an easy cosplay.

      So, we could make the cosplay costume on our own if we know something about sewing. On my part, the wig, the boots and the weapon also play important part in this final fantasy cosplay; it would seem to be lacking of something there if they are not correct.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Yazoo Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy Yazoo is one of the three Remnants of Sephiroth, along with Kadaj and Loz, who are the antagonists of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Yazoo looks cool and attractive; he wears the similar dark accoutrement as his companions except his long silver hair. And he is an excellent fighter with green eyes.
This black cosplay costume is just right for Yazoo cosplay, which comes with stand collar coat with zip and trousers identical to cool black of coat. Shoulder guards are attached on this clothing, additionally, straps cross over upper body, and obviously it is a cool and impressive outfit.  
    Yazoo cosplay not only holds cosplay boys’ interest but also attracts cosplay girls, probably because of his beautiful and flowing hair. And it would be more wonderful if we do the group cosplay including Yazoo, Kudaji and Loz.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cool Final Fantasy XIII Sazh Katzroy Cosplay Costume

This is the exact cool final fantasy xiii Sazh Katzroy cosplay costume, composed of black t-shirt, white shirt, olivedrab overcoat, gloves, belt and khaki trousers with matched handgun packets. It looks really great and well-designed that looks the same as the one that Sazh wears in the games.
As a matter of fact, this cosplay costume is quite a hot choice for the impersonators. In spite that Sazh is not the leading role of final fantasy games, however, due to his outstanding appearance and impressive personality, large numbers of cosplayers are interested in this final fantasy cosplay. Sazh is middle-aged black man with a distinctive afro, and he is youthful, carefree, kind-hearted and lively, of course, he is a great father.
Obviously, this is an outstanding and interesting cosplay! The hairdo and the outfit would make you stand out. And it is an ideal cosplay choice for black people.

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