Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Fantasy IV Edward "Edge" Geraldine Cosplay Costume

      As the prince of Eblan and a skilled Ninja, final fantasy iv Edward Geraldine is cool man in my heart. He acts brashly, arrogantly and flirtatiously, as a matter of fact, Edge is quite kind-hearted and straight.
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This charming Ninjia, Edge has a really cool accoutrement, gray hair, long cloak, boots and gloves, along with faces covering by scarf, plus the cool weapon. And he has steel gray eyes. Probably, most of would think of Naruto Kakashi when looking at him, right? And as for Edge cosplay, it is relatively an easy cosplay.

      So, we could make the cosplay costume on our own if we know something about sewing. On my part, the wig, the boots and the weapon also play important part in this final fantasy cosplay; it would seem to be lacking of something there if they are not correct.

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