Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kingdom Hearts2 Sora Cosplay Costume

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As the main protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora is an upbeat, simple-minded, brave, heroic and strong-willed boy with spiky brown hair and blue eyes while the color of his hair changes a little in different series. Definitely, Sora cosplay has held tons of cosplayers’ interest including girls and boys.
 And this is the trypical cosplay costume for Sora from Kingdom Hearts II, in which Sora wears baggy black and silver outfit, the same as the one shown in the pictures, the hooded coat, blue and black jumpsuit with belts acrossing it. Because of the cute apperace of KH Sora, both boys and girls could display adorable and cool cosplay.

       If you are a sunny girl or boy and want to try the interesting and recognizable cosplay, put on this Kingdom Hearts2 Sora cosplay costume.

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