Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kingdom Hearts Roxas Cosplay Costume

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        Kingdom Hearts Roxas cosplay is also the popular choice for both cosplay boys and girls, and we could easily find that there are a ton of Roxas cosplayers all around the world. It is comparatively an easy one among many of the other characters in KH series, especially this casual-styled cosplay costume that is made up of white jacket with red collar, along with black high-collared jacket underneath, plus white and dark pants, which is the piece that Roxas wears when he lives in the false Twilight Town.

As Sora’s Nobody, it is obviously that Roxas bears resemblance to Sora, like the spiky hairdo but different in color, Sora has brown hair while Roxas has blode, blue eyes and body shape. Howerver, we could tell them apart easily as long as we see two of them. Different from the other Nobodies, Roxas has his emotions, he is confident, kind of aggressive and irascible. In a word, Kingdom Hearts Roxas is a charming guy that many of us are addicted to him. What about you?

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