Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Cloak Cosplay Costume

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This is the cool and mysterious Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII cosplay cloak which is in form of long black overcoat with hood and large zipper throughout the front. Yeah, this is for all the thirteen members in Organization XIII for each of them wear the same clothes including male and female. Obviously, this Kingdom Hearts cosplay is really popular, it is because of this fact that each member has distinctive features and attracts their own followers, such as Xigbar, Vexen and Roxas and so forth.

Hence, it is interesting that we both boy and girl put on the same cosplay costume but is not gender-bending cosplay. Personally, I love hooded clothes, they are imposing and mysterious, I love the feeling.
What is more, this KH cosplay cloak is an ideal choice for group cosplay. It is a safe that we would be the focus of the activity as long as we appear there.

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