Friday, October 26, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Noel Kreiss Cosplay Costume

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As the male protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Noel Kreiss is a young and handsome man at the age of 18, he looks youthful snd is a sunshine boy. There are a lot cosplay boys and girls are interested in this final fantasy cosplay. It can be said that ffxiii-2 Noel has somewhat easy clothes comparing with some of the characters in FF series.

This is one of the trpical clothes of Noel in the form of black V-neck shirt designed with tribal patterns and a pair of angel wings on the back, plus large blue pants. He has shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes.
Each final fantasy character has respective and characteristic accoutrement with no exception of Noel Kreiss. Yeah, this Noel outfit would make any of us stand out.

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