Monday, May 6, 2013

Touhou Imperishable Night Houraisan Kaguya Cosplay Costume

As the princess of the Lunarians before she was exiled to Earth, Kaguya Houraisan has beautiful appearance and touhou Imperishable Night cosplay costume that is showing in the pictures, comes with jacket with four white bowknots at the front and bold bowknot at chest and ruffled shawl and big open sleeves with ruffle, red long skirt with ruffle and a bowknot at the bottom, the design and the color of this dress look quite gorgeous, which would flatter cosplay girls’ body shape to the fullest.

In addition, touhou Kaguya Houraisan has extremly long black hair and dark crown eyes. The long hair and the fairy dress would make any girl a beautiful fairy. And this touhou cosplay is a relatively easy choice. If you are into the long hair type of girl, give Kaguya a try.

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