Friday, September 28, 2012

Hot Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Aqua Cosplay Costume

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Aqua cosplay has injected a unique dimension and vigour into cosplaying domain and surely will form an evergreen tendency. Since cosplay develops into a fashion trend in the worldwide range, and is received by increasing aficionados, at the same time, the Kingdom Hearts series has also captured tons of followers, as one of its members; Aqua cosplay also gains a large number of adherents among a mountain of cosplay categories. 

This is the classical cosplay costume for Aqua, which is made up of black top, black shorts, separated sleeves and socks and others, it looks the same as the clothes Aqua wears and hence this dress would make us feel the same as the beautiful and cool girl Aqua.
Due to the high reputation of Kingdom hearts, increasing cosplayers are doing this cosplay all around the world and most of us are really into that we do it again and again with no exception of Aqua cosplay. It would always make us stand out!

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