Thursday, September 29, 2011

Final Fantasy Black Mage Cosplay Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is coming, what are the good Halloween costumes? Maybe this is just the bother for most of you guys, right? In my point of view, the final fantasy black mage cosplay outfit would be one of the best choices for the Halloween. Since some of is want to do something different from the usual cosplays but something special and impressive, the black mage will fulfill that need. Different from the other final fantasy roles, the black mage would bring the cosplayers a totally different feeling.

In the matter of the Black Mage, it is the user of powerful black magics like Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Water and has become one of the most recognized symbols of the Final Fantasy games. As for the apparel, they are similar to classic wizards, composing of robes and pointy hats in yellow or brown color. Once we put on the suit, our faces are not visible in the shade of the special hat, except for our eyes. That would be an amazing accoutrement.
In this way, this type of final fantasy cosplay must make your Halloween 2011 an unforgettable journey and leave you something different, in a word, it won’t let you down. But you will never kown till you try it.

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