Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Blue and Yellow Costume for Final Fantasy XII Penelo Cosplay

In the matter of the final fantasy xii Penelo cosplay; there are generally two costumes for this cosplay. And here I am going to talk something about the blue and yellow piece, which is in the form of wrist bands, boots and all-in-one jumpsuit in blue and yellow. This is can be said a simple clothing for portraying.
Final Fantasy XII Penelo Cosplay Costume
Penelo is a young girl and the good friend of Vaan who is the center character of Final Fantasy XII. In addition, she is an orphan, but she lives her life with optimism and joviality while influencing Vaan greatly. Plus she is dreaming of being a dancer, so she is good at dancing.
As Halloween is coming, this is one of the best choices for your cosplay. Put on this cosplay outfit, you will feel the same as Penelo. Of course, the procondition is that she is your favorite character or you are willing to challenge different styles. This cosplay is not sexy as the final fantasy Rikku cosplay costume or not cool as the FF XIII Lightning cosplay suit, but it only belongs to Penelo and we cannot find any other similar ones, which is the particular property of this apparel.

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