Monday, November 28, 2011

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy vii crisis core Cloud cosplay costume is one of the cool uniforms for Cloud cosplay. As for final fantasy cosplay, there is no denying that both boys and girls would take Cloud into consideration at first. Cloud now is not only a mane, but also a popular idol, full of appeal and attraction.
This Cloud cosplay suit is made up with shirt with shoulder guard, leather waistband with shoulder straps, trousers with leather kneepads along with leather belts tie up in left leg and closure in pant cuff, scarf and gloves. What impress me most are the style and the fabric of this apparel. As the picture shows, as if there is something magic I could feel from it. What comes to mind is that Cloud dresses this attire and comes to me, he looks so cool and smart, and he is manful and strong.
     As far as I am concerned, the piece would be one of the best cosplay choices for boys if you are looking forward to display a manly and powerful appearance in the show.

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