Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final Fantay XIII Agito Girl Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy xiii Agito girl cosplay costume looks so different from the other characters’ and turns on a cute appearance. It is prima facie the same as the Japanese school uniform, especial for the red knife pleated skirt, but we willfind that it is more characteristic than that after we take a closer look.
As for this final fantasy cosplay outfit which is composed of the dark long-sleeve jacket, red mini knife pleated skirt along with the red shawl. This type of final fantasy cosplay is of course one of the best choices for the cosplay girls. It is just because that this is the clothes that the ff characters wear in the game and the design of the dress is something attractive in the eyes of the impersonators who are into this style.
This ff xiii Agito girl suit is cute and kind of sexy. The jacket design embodys the present fanshion element of the clothing, namely, the golden shoulders and the large buttons are quite cool. If you are looking for such kind of dress, donlt miss this chance to have a try.

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