Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Final Fantasy VII Cloud cosplay Costume

When speaking of final fantasy 7 Cloud cosplay, this accoutrement is one of the choices for the fans of Cloud and cosplay. This black Cloud costume looks cool for that as if the black color always gives us a special feeling and a pall of mystery seem to hang over the suit. What is more, this piece belongs to Cloud, a handsome and charming guy, which adds the appeal to this type of clothing.
In the matter of this final fantasy cosplay outfit, it is made of vest, trousers, shoulder piece, apron and cape. The costume is all in black color, and the top is tailored as thin sweater. This uniform is obviously different from the one Cloud wears in Final Fantasy Crisis Core VII. Each of them has respective style and pattern.
So which one we choose totally depends on ourselves. That is to say our personal interest and taste would help us to make a choice. Or both of them would be on our cosplay list.

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