Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna White Mage Cosplay Costume

Ok, it is time for us to come to the final fantasy x-2 Yuna cosplay costume now. From the picture, we could see it clearly that this suit is totally different from the others, well, actually each of the outfits displays different style. However this uniform impresses us that Yuna dresses this piece in another particular identity, the White Mage.
More often than not, most of us are eager to try something different and special in the cosplay show for the popurse of making some differences in our life or breaking our long-term fashion styles. So this is a good chance. Final fantasy Yuna is loved by so many cosplayers and the game players. This role always shows us an ever changing looks, sometimes is feminine, and sometimes is temperately sexy and sometimes is quite cool. And she looks magical and mysterious in this attire.
This final fantasy cosplay dress is in the form of the special body skirt and hat. That is all for this final fantasy cosplay, easy but unique. As a matter of fact this suit is terribly beautiful when we put it on. And I also have found n\mag of the excellent Yuna cosplayers who display a perfect Yuna in the show. Do you want to have a try?

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