Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Final Fantasy Tidus Cosplay Costume

The typical final fantasy Tidus cosplay costume is composed of yellow jacket, leather coat and pants along with gloves as the picture shows. And this piece would be the first one that would come across our mind when we plan to cosplay Tidus. At the same time, this final fantasy character is quite popular to the cosplay boys because of the adorable personality of Tidus.

As the main protagonist of FF X, Tidus is carefree, youthful and sensitive as well as optimistic. It seems that we are charmed by him all the way. So boys are willing to put on the cosplay costume in the shows with the cool sword. And there is another reason is that he finds favor in the eyes of a beautiful girl Yuna.
So if you are a cheerful boy, have blond or tan hair and want to cosplay with your girl friend. This would be a great choice for you cosplay convention.

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