Monday, March 5, 2012

Cool Final Fantasy VII Genesis Rhapsodos Cosplay Costume

As the main antagonist of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, Genesis Rhapsodos is a 1st-Class SOLDIER who bears attractive appearance with height of over 180cm and brown hair. Just because of this reason, both boys and girls are interested in this final fantasy cosplay. His typical accoutrement is in the form of long overcoat, black clothing underneath, black boots, shoulder guards and a large cool sword.
This is the classical final fantasy Genesis cosplay costume for cosplay boys and girls. Yeah, it is really look the same as the one that Genesis wears in the game, the long overcoat, the shoulder guards and the dark inner clothes, all of them display a charming appeal of him.
The uniform is suitable for any of us if we only want to enjoy the fun of cosplay final fantasy Genesis. And it would be an ideal choice for those cosplayers who are gangly and beautiful if you want to show an eye-catching cosplay in the activity.

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