Saturday, April 28, 2012

Final Fantasy VIII Irvine Kinneas Gunman Cosplay Costume

Known as “The Best Shooter in Garden”, there is also the corresponding final fantasy viii Irvine Kinneas gunman cosplay costume for this cool and imposing ff character Irvine Kinneas, which is composed of khaki-colored long jacket, purple shirt, trousers and fingerless gloves and looks exactly the same as the one Irvine wears in games. And obviously, this character or the accoutrement holds a good many of the cosplayers’ interest in cluding boys and girls.
As for ff viii Irvine, he has long auburn hair in a ponytail, plus a black cowboy hat. Irvine is an expert gunman, and he is also somewhat sexy in my eyes. His cowboy-like appearance has acttracted so many fans for him. Yeah, he is cool, imposing and sexy.
Duo to Irvine’s handsome appearance, this final fantasy cosplay costume fits both cosplay boys and girls and could help any cosplayer to display an impressive and similar Irvine cosplay as long as he or she puts on the cosplay outfit and the accessories. Just give it a shot!

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