Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sweet Touhou Soga no Tojiko Cosplay Girls

It is really interesting to cosplay touhou Soaga no Tojiko, because she is a cute girl with green hair extends to neck, green eyes and the two ghost “tails” where her legs should be, yes, it means that she has no legs like we human do. And her species is Ghost in Touho Project.
cosplay by Arata
cosplay byYukama

Cosplay touhou Soga no Tojiko is a good idea for girls who are searching for cute costume in simple style. Tojiko generally wears a dark green dress with ofuda along the bottom and a kanmuri hat. In addition, she is a nice girl who has quick temper and rough attitude. Touhou Tojiko cosplay would make girls very sweet.

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