Friday, May 22, 2015

Sweet Touhou Project Kaku Seiga and Kasen Ibaraki Cosplayers

As the hermit in Tohou series, Seiga Kaku was once a Chinese human, and she is obsessed with Taoism, so finally she becomes a hermit. Interms of her costume, she has a very cute blue dress with white vest with blue decorations, plus cute black shoes. Seiga has short blue hair and blue eyes, if you just have same-colored hair or wig and also into cute costume, cosplay touhou Kaku Seiga would be really fun.
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And we could find that another cospalyer who also is dressing lovely outfit and wearing short pink wig, yes, she is Kasen Ibaraki, a mysterious girl who desribles herself as “a simple pilgrim”. Both of these two cosplay girls look very sweet and beautiful, please don’t hesitate to leave comment if you love their cosplay.
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