Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fairy Love Live Tojo Nozomi White Valentine Day Angel Cosplay Costume


Do you love angels? What do you think of this love live Tojo Nozomi white valentine day angel cosplay costume? As for me, I’m falling in love with it at the first glance, it looks so beautiful and special that could make any girls a noticeable angel as long as we put on this dress. One of my friends told me that she looks like falling in love with someone when she wearing this outfit. Yes, she looks quite impressive and beautiful (I can’t find any good worlds to describe her nowJ)

This Love Live Tojo Nozomi White Day costume is just so eye-catching, the purple and white colors, along with the girly designs, plus Nozomi’s long purple hair, it can be said that any cosplay girls should give this anime dress a try as long as you are into fairy style of clothes.
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