Friday, January 6, 2012

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Class Zero Ace Cosplay Uniform

When I am looking at this final fantasy costume, namely the ff Agito xiii Class Zero Ace uniform, it seems that there is something magic that it could hold all my interest at the moment. In a word, I am into this style of the suit, red, dark and white colors make this outfit stand out. It looks somewhat the same as the Class Zero girl uniform, except the pants and comes with coat, cloak, trousers and accessories.

There are fourteen members of Class Zero of final fantasy Agito XIII, and each of them holds different personality and skills. However, they wears the similar uniform with different some of the parts. Ace is one of the members, he is cool in action and words, but actually he is a soft boy with blonde hair and blue eyes and uses cards in the battle.
This fianl fantasy cosplay costume is an idea choice for any of the thin and cute cosplay boys, and put on this suit in the show together with friends would be a fantastic experience and would stand out in the activity. That will be spectacular and you would be recognized by others easily. To have on this fantasy costume with the relative weapon cards will make your cosplay impressive and interesting.

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