Monday, February 13, 2012

Yellow and White Final Fantasy IX Garnet Cosplay Costume

Final fantasy ix Garnet is a beautiful young woman and the Princess of Alexandria. And this is one of her typical accouterments she wears in this game, which is made of yellow jumpsuit, waist band, necklace and the separated white sleeves.
 Due to many of her characteristics which stirs the cosplayers’ interest to do such imitating, especially for the girls. Garnet is strong-willed and stubborn sometimes, and she is well spoken and highly educated at the same time. However, she is also shy and quite na├»ve because of her growing environment.
As regards Garnet cosplay, it is an unusual choice for the activity of cosplay. There are different appeals that are displayed by the epigones. Some of them look cute, some are pretty and some of them are sexy in the same Garnet cosplay costume, so whatever the appearance you want to reveal, which is totally depends on you, and each of the image has its own charm. And it does no matter how you look like, as long as you are the fanatic of her, you could dress her cosplay outfit to fulfill your passion to the fullest.
Portraying Garnet is wondrous for any of you to display an elegant and cool cosplay in the show. Try this final fantasy cosplay, if you like or have long black hair.

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