Friday, September 14, 2012

Touhou Project Fujiwara no Mokou Cosplay Costume

I have to say I love this Touhou Fujiwara no Mokou cosplay costume so much, why? Right, it is exactly my style :D Comparing with other girls’ clothes in this series, most of them have dress, all kind of beautiful dress, this Mokou outfit is simple but cool. Yeah, to me, I love simple but cool costumes, namely, I am fond of blouse and suck type of clothing and trousers with braces (overalls), not the girly attires. Yep, just like this piece.

When it comes to Mokou, she is a beautiful and sweet human girl with red eyes, long light violet hair. Her hair and the overalls are decorated with white and red paper charms. Hence, this Mokou cosplay costume looks exactly the same as the suits that she wears. It can be said that this special costume and the long hair would make any of us noticeable. And it is really a cool choice for these tomboy-like girls.

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