Friday, November 1, 2013

Popular Final Fantasy X Tidus Cosplay Costume

There is no denying that this black and yellow final fantasy x Tidus cosplay costume is one of the most popular ideas for males and females to be recognizable and cool, which is made up of top jacket, shoulder arms, a pair of black gloves, waist belt and black right thigh cover. It can be said that any cosplayers would become quite vivid and close to the imitated game boy Tidus, because this outfit is characteristic enough to make people feel the same as him.
The same as Cloud Strife or Zack, final fantasy Tidus is a well-liked role in the eyes of game players and cosplayers. The short blonde hair and this black and yellow costume are always the noticeable things at any cons or gatherings. In addition, this final fantasy costume is a good choice for couple cosplay together with Yuna.

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