Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful Dangan Ronpa Kyouko Kirigiri Purple Cosplay Costume

If you have purple (lavender) color as your favorite, and then I know that you are a compassionate, sensitive, creative, supportive and mysterious person, and thinking of others before yourself. And this danganronpa Kyouko Kirigiri purple cosplay costume would attract you at first sight, right? It comes with purple collared jacket, white blouse, black skirt, brown tie and a pair of black gloves.

There is one beautiful girl who has long lavender hair and purple eyes, and we known that it refers Kyouko Kirigiri, one of the distinctive girls of Dangan Ronpa. It is a good idea for cosplay girls who are into purple color and simple anime costume. Undoubtedly, this danganronpa cosplay would make impersonators very beautiful.

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