Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cool Danganronpa Leon Kuwata White Cosplay Costume

       Apart from the punk rock anime girl Ibuki Mioda in Dangan Ronpa, Kuwata Leon also has that style of appearance. Hence, if you are a male cosplayer who is into punk rock costume play, this white and black would be your ideal idea, which is composed of white jacket with popped collar, white shirt with a red skull design on it  and black pants, in addition, danganronpa Kuwata Leon has red spiky hair, red goatee beard. He generally wears heavy accessories, like chain necklace and belts.
        Obviously, this Danganronpa cosplay costume is a good idea for cosplayers who are looking for impressive and exaggerated style of clothes. And the red goatee would also be a noticeable feature.

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