Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine Cosplay Costume

Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine cosplay costume is the most important part for the cosplay show. And more often than not, the suit which is connecting with jacket, trousers, wrist bands, gloves and red cape is the typical one; we could behold both female and male cosplayers who have this apparel on.
As one of the characters from Final Fantasy VII, although Vincent is a man who is a tall, lean young man with long black hair and a ragged red cloak and mantle over black clothes, countless cosplayers fall in deep love with him and imitate him with inexhaustibility. It seems that there is something attractive and magic about Vincent which makes female and male can not help running mad after him.
Actually, in the matter of girls, it is because of this fact that the figure of Final Fantasy VII Vincent is just right appropriate for them to do the cosplay. His metallic, golden gauntlet, the cloak covers the lower half of his face and is held closed by a series of buckles and the natural red eyes; all of these features are classic and cool in the eyes of the girls and could fully reveal their dashing appeal as a female.
As for the boys, Vincent is fully virile that all the female would not miss the chance to display their macho glamour while by portraying him to express their passionate emotion to him. Vincent is indeed a man of individuality and is worth cosplaying.

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