Monday, June 27, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII Serah Farron Cosplay Costume

As the picture shows, it can be said that this is the typical Final Fantasy XIII Serah Farron cosplay costume. And what’s the first thing comes to your mind when you are looking at it? The white shirt with buttons, turn down collar coat without sleeves and cute plaid skirt. And additional adorn is different in two arms: a white piece covering left arm, and jagged leather band on the other arm. Are you enamored with this piece? Anyhow, I’m firmly mesmerized by it at my first sight.
And then how do you think? Right, as for me, I am eager to find a chance to have it on, which is the only thing that I want most. So cosplaying Final Fantasy Serahcould fulfill my dream of dressing this cosplay outfit and showing it to the other cosplayers in the show. Or to make it on my own and then to take part in the contest, which would be fantastic and interesting. But, it will not be so simple and easy for me to accomplish that, for that I am not a good tailor or even don’t know how to start to sew something. However, if you are interested in that and also are good at tailoring, you ought to have a try. To dress up as Serah from Final Fantasy XIII with the self-made cosplay outfit and the feeling is indeed hard to imagine.

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