Thursday, June 30, 2011

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Cosplay Costume

As one of the idea choices for girls’ cosplay, final fantasy X-2 Yuna cosplay costumes really meet the needs of cosplay desire of girls. I have to say there are so many excellent impersonators who could display a nearly hundred percent Yuna.
Take the one in the picture here as an example, don’t you think she is a perfect Yuna cosplayer? The cosplay costume, the gesture, the hair and the weapons and so on, all the things about her are wondrous. It seems that I cannot pick out any of her flaw from her portraying. The final fantasy Yuna cosplay costume she wears boosts her glamour to a large extent. And hence, she is a smart and experienced cosplayer, and that is to say she finds the most suitable outfit for herself, actually for her personal quality and body shape. She makes it.
To be frank, there are always some cosplayers, who choose the inappropriate cosplay character and the suit for themselves, of course, they may just want to have fun with it without pursuing the similarity or the good-looking of the imitating, that’s ok then. However, most of the cosplayers start it for the purpose of the perfection and similarity that they could feel the exact role they mimic. In this way we could behold various sorts of cosplayers. Which one do you prefer?

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